International Hip Dysplasia Registry (IHDR)

The International Hip Dysplasia Registry (IHDR) study group is an international collaboration of surgeons and medical professionals dedicated to improving the lives of children with hip dysplasia. By addressing current gaps of knowledge in the clinical practices of hip dysplasia as well as through the development of global education and advocacy initiatives, IHDR aims to optimize patient care in health care systems around the world.

The International Hip Dysplasia Registry Severity Spectrum

IHDR is the first prospective registry of its kind in size and scope with the potential to have a direct impact on the screening, treatment methods and standard of care for DDH around the world. It is the largest of its kind, in size and scope, capturing the unprecedented platform for examining numerous aspects of the full DDH spectrum, including treatment outcomes and risk factors in both the short and long term.

The target population is all infants and children diagnosed with any form of DDH from birth up to 10 years of age.

With 24 centres contributing from 7 countries across 4 continents, there is enormous potential to be able to tangibly change current screening practices and monitoring protocols in a short time frame.

In the longer term, we aim to identify prognostic factors and best treatment practices to improve outcomes for children around the world. Improvements to the process will directly impact not only hundreds of thousands of children and their families worldwide, but also provide cost and resource savings for hospitals and medical systems.