Join us at the 2020 I'm a HIPpy Fundraiser Gala!

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Thank you!

The dust has settled, and the numbers are out...our dear HIPpies, we have had a banner year, raising over $450,000 (and counting) this year! Kudos to all of you for your part in making sure that all children, no matter where in the world, have a chance for a healthy, mobile and active life.

As a HIPpy supporter, you are part of a Vancouver led burgeoning success story, with the potential to positively impact children all around the world.

On behalf of Ella, Makenna, and Jordan, and all children born with Hip Dysplasia, we cannot thank you enough for your generosity and support. You have helped bring us closer to our vision of a world free from the burden of Hip Dysplasia.

See you all on October 3, 2020, for the 4th Annual I’m A HIPpy Fundraiser Gala!