Our Story and The HIPpy Impact

I’m A HIPpy was born out of a conversation in the playground between two parents. One was  an orthopaedic surgeon with the biggest heart and an even bigger dream.  The other was a Mom who asked simply what can we do to help? That was in 2010.  Today, I’m A HIPpy has grown into a community of doctors, nurses, researchers, patients, families and volunteers, all committed to creating a world free from the burden of Hip Dysplasia.

Here is what we know:

If Hip Dysplasia is properly diagnosed and detected within the first three months of a baby’s life, the likelihood of complications and surgeries later on in life significantly diminishes.

I’m A HIPpy’s support of Dr. Kishore Mulpuri and his team at BC Children’s Hospital’s research enables them to find the best practices to ensure that every child born all over the world is screened accurately within those first three months.  The cost of delayed diagnosis is in the millions of dollars.  But to the patients and their families, there is no dollar value to the lifetime of pain , surgeries and reduced quality of life.

Early detection changes lives.  At I’m A HIPpy, we believe that we can make this change in this lifetime.

Some HIPpy milestones to date: 

  • A specialized ultrasound clinic in the Orthopaedic Department is being developed at BCCH.
  • New wireless portable ultrasound technology, purchased through funds raised from Inaugural I’m a HIPpyGala, is being tested to make this screening method accessible to low resource areas.
  • The International Hip Dysplasia Registry (IHDR), started by Dr. Kishore Mulpuri and his team, is now the world’s largest database for DDH patients with long-term follow-up. There are currently 23 hospitals and institutions, spanning four continents and seven countries, participating in the program.
  • Through research and advocacy, Dr. Mulpuri and his team are developing a standardized method of testing for DDH to ensure that all children, regardless of location or socioeconomic status receive the same quality of care. This is a crucial first step in early detection and diagnosis.
  • With these achievements, BCCH has become a leading national and international site for training healthcare personnel in this field.